Tiger Paint Set
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Tiger Toy Painting Kit - Includes 12 Paints, 2 Brushes, Palette, and Placemat

Unleash your creativity and embark on a wild adventure with our 3D Tiger Paint Kit! Perfect for kids and adults alike, this kit offers a fun and educational activity that combines the thrill of the jungle with the joy of painting.  

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    Printimal Size: Medium
    Color: White

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      • Crafted with precision, this white tiger figure stands as a blank canvas ready for your artistic touch.
      • The kit includes 12 vibrant washable paints, providing a wide spectrum of colors to bring your tiger to life.
      • Two paint brushes of varying sizes allow for both broad strokes and detailed work, giving you full control over your creation.
      • Mix and blend your colors with ease using the included paint palette, designed for convenience and mess-free painting.
      • Keep your workspace clean and organized with the durable placemat, perfect for catching any accidental spills or splatters.


    • Materials: 3D Printed PLA, matte white
    • Dimensions (each): Approximately 6 inches in length
    • Recommended Age: This chunky toy is appropriate for all ages, paint set & supplies should be used with adult supervision

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x articulated tiger (design by MatMire Makes)
    • 12 x Washable Acrylic Paints (assorted colors)
    • 2 x Paint Brushes (2 sizes)
    • 1 x Paint Palette
    • 1 x Disposable Placemat

    Note: Colors may vary slightly from images due to monitor settings and lighting conditions.