Farm Mini Printimals Set
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Horse, Cow, Pig, Chicken, and Duck
(Playset sold separately or purchase as a bundle)

Step into the charm of rural life with our Farm Mini Printimals Set! Order yours today and set out on a farmyard adventure like never before.

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    Product Description

    Description:  Step into the charm of rural life with our Farm Mini Printimals Set! This delightful collection includes a set of 5 mini articulated toys, each set is accompanied by a fascinating fact card. Explore farmyard wonders with our meticulously crafted miniatures: horse, cow, pig, chicken, and duck. From the majestic grace of the horse to the endearing antics of the duck, these miniatures capture the essence of farm life, appealing to both children and farm enthusiasts alike.  


    • Set of 5 mini articulated toys: horse, cow, pig, chicken, and duck.
    • Informative fact card, with facts about each animal.
    • Vibrant colors: horse (light and dark brown), cow (white, black and pink), pig (pink), chicken (brown, yellow and red), duck (white).
    • Perfect for imaginative play and educational purposes.
    • Ideal gift for kids or anyone passionate about farm life.


    • Materials: 3D printed pla
    • Dimensions (each): Approximately 1.5-2 inches in length
    • Recommended Age: 3 years and above

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Horse Miniature (design by Zou3D)
    • 1 x Cow Miniature (design by Zou3D)
    • 1 x Pig Miniature (design by Zou3D)
    • 1 x Chicken Miniature (design by Zou3D)
    • 1 x Duck Miniature (design by Zou3D)
    • 1 Fact Card

    Note: Colors may vary slightly from images due to monitor settings and lighting conditions.